The first CSS World Winner event in history was held in Finland at the end of May 2022. Twenty countries competed, fielding 439 dogs of which the UK sent a small but strong team;
Mr & Mrs Rossi with Veloxcanis Solis Valens & Ryemeadows Midnight Sun (whippets), Ms Jones with Kenaiteen Blizzard at Silvergarth (whippet), Mr & Mrs Quinton with Kirjojax Harris (Deerhound), Ms Booth with Way Up Travis Scott (Afghan hound) and Mr Allen & Ms Hoggren with Garamiyas Meridiana Mahzad (Saluki).

And what a success it was with three UK dogs on the podium! Ryemeadows Midnight Sun in 4th place with CAC, Kenaiteen Blizzard at Silvergarth in 6th place with CAC and Way Up Travis Scott in 2nd place with CAC!

Well done team UK!