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2023 FCI World Championship & CSS World Winner event – Kristianstad, Sweden

On 29th June UKSS Team UK took 22 dogs to Kristianstad, Sweden for the World Coursing Championships.
Amongst the team everyone had their own travel routes. Some took a longer journey to take in sightseeing, holidays, breed shows or other coursing events but all finally came together at the venue to celebrate the opening ceremony of this epic event.
18 nations ran 809 hounds over 4 different courses during the 5 day competition and Team UK had some amazing successes, punching well above our weight for such a small entry.
UK dogs scooped podium prizes in 5 categories including first place in CSS Saluki mixed and Galgo Español mixed. It was a poignant moment at the nightly awards ceremony as the Union Jack flag was raised to ‘God Save the King’.
In other classes, such as CACIL Salukis, achieving a high place in a field of 60 entries was an enormous achievement and celebrated by the team.
There were lows too of course with vetting issues and a phenomenal whippet run followed by withdrawal due to injury.
What was most uplifting was the goodwill from UKSS members following the event from home, and team support which was fantastic; cheering on every high and sharing the disappointments. Laughter, tears, hugs, puppy-cuddles and high-fives… it was exactly what a team should be.

CSS World Lure Coursing Winner 2023 Tin Soldier
Saluki CSS World Lure Coursing Winner 2023 Tin Soldier
CSS Galgo Español Winner – Templada De Monte Podrido
3rd place CSS Galgo Español Rayma Xano-Xano I
3rd place CSS Whippet Male – Phareal No Questions Asked At Runphar
6th place CSS Whippet Male – Penbriar Jet Setter To Solentwaves
4th place CSS Whippet Female – Coppermow Moonstone
2nd place CSS Deerhound – Kirjojax Harris
L.t.r: Dejare Official Secret, Penbriar Jet Setter To Solentwaves, mascot Ultra Violet, Cheery Violet, Winterfellin Is A Free Elf At Ziradash, Lavebella Life’S A Breeze, Coppermow Moonstone, Runphar Ziggy Zoom, Phareal No Questions Asked At Runphar, Runphar Gemini Double Take, Razortime Cross My Palm, Veloxcanis Solis Valens & Ryemeadows Midnight Sun.
L.t.r: Garamiyas Meridiana Mahzad, Tin Soldier, Nicolefarhi del Borghino, Imhotep Rears Natural Jasmine, Alishamar Roxane & mascot Flytesfield Hyddwn.

Templada De Monte Podrido & Rayma Xano-Xano I.

Way Up Travis Scott

Abbotsoak Music Of The Nite & mascot Baltic Rush Breezy Bee.

Kirjojax Harris

New Champions at the Summer Champs 2023!

Congratulations to Whippet Coppermow Moonstone and owners Carol and Phil Edgington, and Saluki Nicolefarhi del Borghino (Imp Ita) and owner Lynn Ward!

Whippet Coppermow Moonstone owned by Carol and Phil Edgington

Saluki Nicolefarhi del Borghino (Imp Ita), owned by Lynn Ward


Congratulations to our new lure coursing champions and owners!

Whippet – Veloxcanis Solis Victrix owned by S. Meadham

Whippet – Ryemeadows Midnight Sun owned by N. Rossa & C. Brown

Whippet – Moonlake My Way owned by G. Robertson

Galgo Español – Templada de Monte Podrido owned by L. Saiger

Ibizan Hound – Abbotsoak Grease Lightnin owned by V. Woodcock

2023 FCI World Championship & CSS World Winner event – Kristianstad, Sweden

June 29 – July 2 2023

We’re delighted to announce our Team for the up coming World Coursing Championships. And what a team it is. We will now be looking to raise some money to pay for Team uniforms for canines and humans. If anyone would like to make a contribution you can donate via BACS to the usual account (SORT CODE 30-96-26 ACCOUNT 31362968) with ‘uniform’ as reference.

All donations, however big or small will be appreciated, thank you.

For more information visit the event website:

TEAM UK – 2023

ClassSexName of the dogOwner
CACILMale Way Up Travis Scott (IMP ITA)Booth
CSSMaleKirjojax HarrisWilce Quinton
CSSMaleCH Abbotsoak Music Of The NiteSayles
Galgo Espanol
CSSMale Rayma Xano-Xano ISaiger
CSSFemale Templada de Monte PodridoSaiger
CACILMaleImhotep Rears Natural Jasmine (IMP BEL)Chippendale
CSS MaleTin SoldierSchafer
CACIL Female Alishamar Roxane JW (IMP BEL)Hamilton
CACILFemaleGaramiyas Meridiana Mahzad (IMP SWE)Hoggren
CACILFemaleNicolefarhi Del Birghino (IMP ITA)Ward
CACILMaleRyemeadows Midnight SunRossa & Brown
CSSMaleWinterfellin is a Free Elf at ZiradashParker
CSSMaleRunphar Gemini Double TakeTomkinson
CSSMalePhareal No Questions Asked At RunpharTomkinson
CACILMaleVeloxcanis Solis ValensRossa & Brown
Dejare Official Secret
CACILFemaleCheery VioletHaynes
CSSFemaleRunphar Ziggy ZoomTomkinson
CSSFemaleLavebella Life’s A BreezeEdgington
CSSFemaleCoppermow MoonstoneEdgington
CSSFemaleVidaymi See The StarsLucas
CSSFemaleRazortime Cross My PalmSaiger