Dogs must have a licence to be eligible to compete, and a registration form must be completed for each dog.


You will need to complete the form below, alternatively e-mail or post the printable version filled in for each dog.

Send payment by BACS or cheque in case of paper entry.

Lifetime Registration Fee Per Dog:


plus £1 per photograph


You will need to supply two photographs (one of each side) per dog, or more if their front or rear show significant markings that can identify your dog.
Email these to and they can be printed for you at a cost of £1.00 per photograph. Make sure you note the pedigree name of the dog in the email. You also need to supply proof of KC registration and that your dog has cleared for its UKSS license, include this in the same email as the photographs.


  • Fill in the Online Dog Registration form
  • Send an email containing:
    • Dogs pedigree name (please include this in the subject)
    • Two (or three) photographs of your dog
    • Proof of KC registration
    • Proof of clearing

All dogs will now need two clearing trials with another licenced dog on two separate days. This will bring us in line with FCI rules.

Clearance trials can only be on a training day or at a UKSS Championship meeting and must be pre-booked. This is to ensure that all dogs running have the ability to follow a lure and are confident running with another dog.

Online Dog Registration