Sharon Dalgleish has competed in Sighthound sports in the UK since 1982 and more recently in Europe. She is a founder member of both Sporting Whippet Club and UK Sighthound sport and her goal is to see lure coursing recognised by the KC.
Phone number: 01984 641862


Bernadett Nagy, Owner of Borzoi & Magyar Agar.


Kate Bent
, I have competed my whippets in sighthound sports since 2015, and have run with UKSS since its inception.


Lina Höggren, I have been accompanied by Salukis my whole life and I very much enjoy watching the happiness of the sighthounds on the field.

Michael Florek, Whippet and lure coursing enthusiast. Lure Driver and part of the field team.

Greg McLatchie (Coppermow) lure courses whippets. Lure driver and part of the field team.

Philip Edgington, I’m new to lure coursing and I really enjoy seeing the beauty, grace and enthusiasm of sighthounds competing.

Gyula Gaszt, Owner of Borzoi & Magyar Agar.

Catriona Ryan, I have been a sighthound slave since 1962 and lure coursing whippets since 2011. I love to watch them doing what they were bred for and loving it!

Dawn Stockley, I was introduced to the sport by my eldest Whippet’s breeder and have loved every moment of it since. Now we have a second Whippet I can’t wait to get him involved and learn even more about this fabulous, friendly and very addictive sport and all the different sighthounds that take part

Robyn Sayles, owner of Ibizan Hound

Elaine Booth, My Afghan Hound and I discovered the fun and friendship of Lure Coursing in 2019 and have travelled around UK, Europe and Scandinavia competing.