Sharon Dalgleish has competed in Sighthound sports in the UK since 1982 and more recently in Europe. She is a founder member of both Sporting Whippet Club and UK Sighthound sport and her goal is to see lure coursing recognised by the KC.
Phone number: 01984 641862


Bernadett Nagy, Owner of Borzoi & Magyar Agar.


Kate Bent
, I have competed my whippets in sighthound sports since 2015, and have run with UKSS since its inception.


Lina Höggren, I have been accompanied by Salukis my whole life and I very much enjoy watching the happiness of the sighthounds on the field.

Philip Edgington, I’m new to lure coursing and I really enjoy seeing the beauty, grace and enthusiasm of sighthounds competing.

Gyula Gaszt, Owner of Borzoi & Magyar Agar.

Catriona Ryan, I have been a sighthound slave since 1962 and lure coursing whippets since 2011. I love to watch them doing what they were bred for and loving it!

Robyn Sayles, owner of Ibizan Hound

Elaine Booth, My Afghan Hound and I discovered the fun and friendship of Lure Coursing in 2019 and have travelled around UK, Europe and Scandinavia competing.