Elaine Booth, My Afghan Hound and I discovered the fun and friendship of Lure Coursing in 2019 and have travelled around UK, Europe and Scandinavia competing.


Sarah Meadham, owner of Whippets and founding member of UK Sighthound Sport.


Kate Bent
, I have competed my whippets in sighthound sports since 2015, and have run with UKSS since its inception.


Lina Höggren, I have been accompanied by Salukis my whole life and started being involved with sighthound sports in 2004. I very much enjoy watching the happiness of the sighthounds on the field.

Philip Edgington, I am a Whippet owner who really enjoys seeing the beauty, grace and enthusiasm of sighthounds competing.

Bernadett Nagy, Owner of Borzoi & Magyar Agar.

Gyula Gaszt, Owner of Borzoi & Magyar Agar.

Robyn Sayles, owner of Ibizan Hound

James Allen, owner of Salukis. I really enjoy traveling to different locations and meeting people and their enthusiastic hounds.

Carol Edgington, owner of whippets and lover of all Sighthounds. Involved in the sport since 2018.