Starveall Farm, West Ilsley, Newbury, Berkshire, RG20 7DN

Sunday 25th February 2024

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Please find below the entry forms for Trials Day. Please note there are two separate forms, one for new dogs starting trialing or in the process of obtaining their lure coursing licence, and a separate one for dogs that have licences and can be used as clearing partners. Please ensure you complete the correct form for the dog(s) you wish to enter.

For newcomers with Whippets and Italian Greyhounds, these breeds are separated into 2 categories, ‘standard’ and ‘sprinter’. This has nothing to do with the speed of the dog, it is categories for the height!

The maximum height at withers is for Whippet (standard) 51 cm for dogs, 48cm for bitches. The maximum of a whippet (sprinter) is 56cm for dogs, 52cm for bitches

The maximum height at withers is for Italian Greyhound (standard) 38 cm. The maximum of an Italian Greyhound (sprinter) is 41cm.

All whippets and Italian Greyhounds are measured officially prior to licences being issued, however we ask all triallers to use their best estimate when entering so we can assure the appropriate partner dog is used during any paired trial.

Any questions please ask

Online entry is open until the 18th of February