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Autumn Open 2020 – Highlights

We are delighted to say that we held an Autumn Open on the 4th of October in Gloucestershire with a record entry.

In White- WEBBER’S DARK WING -Best Veteran Across All Breeds

Sadly due to COVID Secure rules we were unable to hold a presentation but all competitors who placed in their class were awarded with wonderful rosettes. 

Despite very damp conditions in the morning our photographers managed to get some wonderful photos of the hounds running. Credit to each on photos if you hover over them.

Please find below the names of all podium winners in all classes, as well as full results for all dogs entered. Well done to everyone who competed, it was an excellent competition with many worthy winners.

Whippet Standard Dog (10 entries)

  1. Meecham’s Winterfelling Tallenger
  2. Dalgleish’s Fierce Fireball Emeses Dream
  3. Winter’s Zoraden Bright Star
  4. Jenkinson’s Winterfellin Dashin Comet
  5. Jenkinson’s Winterfellin Gotta Dash

Whippet Sprinter Dog (14 entries)

  1. Webber’s Dark Wing (Best Veteran across all breeds)
  2. Hill’s Bedazzle Navy Boy
  3. Chamberlain’s Treviskey Candylad by Alacrity (Best Puppy across all breeds)
  4. Rossa’s Solis Valens
  5. Johnstone’s Ranveli French Fancie

Pharaoh Hound Bitch (2 entries)

  1. Svaldenyte’s Bazinga Bazooka The Dragonslayer
  2. Svaldenyte’s Bazinga Desert Dragoness

Deerhound Bitch (4 entries)

  1. Help’s Beardswood Ulyssa
  2. Help’s Ch Beardswood Unique Gem
  3. Kilbourne Louise Chick to Kirjojax

Whippet Standard Bitch (19 entries)

  1. Meadham’s Veloxcanis Solis Victrix
  2. Dalgleish’s Harerunner Holy Smoke
  3. Sechiari’s Silverhare Fortis Secret
  4. Johnstone’s Ladygrove Dosey Doe
  5. Dalgleish’s Harerunner Honeycombe

Whippet Sprinter Bitch (11 entries)

  1. Edgington’s Lavebella Life’s A Breeze
  2. Robertson’s Moonlake Medium Blonde
  3. Elkerton’s Silverhare Fortis Saxon
  4. Ryan’s Twiggen New Leaf at Moonlake
  5. Osborne’s Derohan Pour Moi (JW)

Afghan Hound Mixed (5 entries)

  1. Woodward’s Laavas Opportunity Scent
  2. Booth’s Way Up Travis Scott
  3. Virgo and Hicks’ Am Ch UK Ch Suni Asia Wish Upon A Star by Sumahari JW ShCM
  4. Kreipe’s Nightwind Xactly What I Want (Imp Deu)
  5. Kreipe’s Diadema Ot Iv Zaraut at Zushkhan (Imp Rus)

Ibizan Hound Dog (2 entries)

  1. Sayle’s Abbotsoak Any Dream Will Do
  2. Sayle’s Abbotsoak Music Of The Nile

Saluki Mixed (7 entries)

  1. William’s Ch Al Zubeyda Lena at Kasaque (Imp Fra) JW
  2. Chippendale’s Imhotep Rears Natural Jasmine
  3. Hamilton’s Alishamar Roxane
  4. Ward’s Nicolefarhi Del Borghino
  5. William’s Kasaque Salaama

The Club’s Latest Lure Coursing Champion

Ryemeadow Zara at Veloxcanis owned By Kate Bent became a champion at the 2020 Spring Championships.

Spring Championships 2020 – Highlights

Whippet Sprinter Bitch

  1. Robertson’s Moonlake Medium Blonde
  2. Edgington’s Lavebella Life’s A Breeze
  3. Meadham’s Harerunner Halfpenny
  4. Ryan’s Twiggen New Leaf of Moonlake
  5. McClatchie’s Coppermow Evogue
  6. Webber’s Zoraden Darkest Wings

n.b. Please note two 4th places due to an issue discovered in scoring after event.

Whippet Standard Bitch

  1. Hunt’s Dharmadhatu Blu Bell Tu Bell
  2. Bent’s Ryemeadows Zara at Veloxcanis
  3. Dalgleish’s Harerunner Hedgehunter
  4. Webber’s Zoraden Fifty Shades Darker
  5. Johnstone’s Ladygrove Dosey Doe

Pharaoh Hound Bitch

  1. Hansen and Svaldenyte’s Ch Bazinga Dessert Dragoness
  2. Hansen and Svaldenyte’s Ch Bazinga Bazooka The Dragonslayer

Whippet Standard Dog

  1. Meecham’s Winterfellin Tallenger
  2. Jenkinson’s Winterfellin Dashin Comet
  3. Jenkinson’s Winterfellin Gotta Dash
  4. Florek’s Silverhare Foxy Sundance
  5. Sechiari’s Silverhare Farah’s Sunspeed

Whippet Sprinter Dog

  1. Pitcher’s Amphoas Magic Promise
  2. Robertson’s Moonlake My Way
  3. Webber’s Paint It Black
  4. Johnstone’s Lavebella Empire Born to Run
  5. Stockley’s Florancy Hot Chilli Pepper

Afghan Hound Mixed

  1. Woodward’s Opportunity Scent
  2. Booth’s Way Up Travis Scott (Imp ITA)
  3. Kreipe’s Diadema Ot Iv Zaraut at Zushkhan (Imp Rus)
  4. Hicks & Virgo’s Am/UK Ch Suni Asia Wish Upon A Star by Sumahari JW ShCM SHCEX

Saluki Mixed

  1. Shaverneva & Rhode’s Qazal Sarbaz Har Kala Rachi (Imp Bel)
  2. William’s Ch Al Zubeyda Lena at Kasaque (Imp Fra) JW
  3. William’s Kasaque Salaama

UKSS Top Placed Hound at Crufts 2020

BOB at Crufts and in the shortlist for the hound group.
Al Zubeyda Lena at Kasaque owned by Michael and Helen Williams

Annual General Meeting Minutes 2020

Sunday 19th January 2020 – 10:30